Endurance riders demand fast bikes that are comfortable enough to pedal for hours, these bikes meet those demands. The geometry typically consists of a slackened seat angle that shifts the rider’s center of gravity back and a higher front end that takes some weight off the handlebars. The result is reduced strain on wrists, elbows, neck, and lower back. Less fatigue translates into improved stamina and comfort.

Men's Endurance Road
Endurance Style Men's road bikes


Road racing, a category true to our hearts, deep in racing heritage, and abundant in advancing technology. While we revere our storied history in racing, we strive to always create a new and improved race machine. The bikes below are the pinnacle of that rationale.

Men's Road Race


In the battle against the wind, the Aero Road Series bikes continues to be the world’s leader. Designed and developed in the wind tunnel, AR outperforms the competition in aerodynamics, weight, and stiffness. The result is a bike that conquers the wind as well as the peloton.